Main Street Trolley

    The Main Street Line, the first and most iconic rail line in Memphis, began operating in April 1993. In the next four years, MATA introduced the Riverfront Line that runs along the Mississippi River and on Main Street. The latest addition to the trolley rail system was the Madison Avenue Line, which began operating in March 2004.  

    MATA's trolley rail system was recently named among the top tourist attractions in Memphis and celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.



     Vintage trolley seating


    A total of 19 vintage trolleys are  in service, covering over 259,000 revenue miles annually on 10 route miles of track. Each vintage trolley is over 40 years old and has been restored to its original elegance - down to the solid brass seats and window accents, rare "glue-chip" glass transom windows, hand-carved mahogany corbels, and antique lighting fixtures.


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