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The FastPass is a pre-paid pass that provides you with an unlimited number of rides at a discounted rate for the life of the pass. You can even use your FastPass on the trolleys! FastPasses can be purchased at the William Hudson Transit Center, American Way Transit Center, and Airways Transit Center.

The FastPass is simple to use. When you board the bus, activate the pass on the first use at the farebox and just swipe it for other trips. After the card is activated, the expiration date and pass information will be printed on the back of the card. The Daily FastPass is the only pass that can be purchased directly on the bus. Please alert the bus operator before inserting money, if you intend to purchase a Daily FastPass on the bus. If your FastPass does not work, please return it to any transit center. FastPasses cannot be shared by more than one person on the same bus.   

Please note that 7-day and 31-day passes will not be sold at this time due to COVID-19.

FastPass Fares:

Daily FastPass   $3.50
7-Day FastPass $16.00
31-Day FastPass $50.00
Student Daily FastPass*   $2.75
Student 7-Day FastPass* $13.00
Student 31-Day FastPass* $40.00
Senior/Person with disability Daily FastPass*   $1.75
Senior/Person with disability 7-Day FastPass*   $8.00
Senior/Person with disability 31-Day FastPass* $25.00


*With a valid MATA ID card  (See also: Reduced Fare Program)

All passes are non-refundable, non-replaceable and non-exchangeable. MATA assumes no responsibility for items lost, stolen, misplaced or delayed in the mail. MATA may replace passes that are wedged or trapped in the farebox. For more specific information about MATA passes, please call (901) 523-8134.