MATA’s vintage trolley rail system has become a part of downtown Memphis culture and is a tourist attraction all on its own. The year 2013 will mark the trolley’s 20-year milestone since the Main Street line first graced the mall and began transporting millions through the heart of the city. Notable destinations along the trolley lines include the famous Pinch District, Cook Convention Center, Sun Studio, Peabody Place, Beale Street, the National Civil Rights Museum, the FedEx Forum, the Medical Center, and South Main's Historic Arts District.

    There are three trolley lines:

    • The Main Street Line :              
      Travels on Main Street between A.W. Willis and G.E. Patterson Avenue. 
    • The Madison Avenue Line :      
      Travels on Madison Avenue from the Medical Center in Midtown to Main Street.
    • The Riverfront Line :                 
      Travels in a loop along the Mississippi River and Main St.
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    Trolley Ridership


    The trolley lines transport almost 1.5 million passengers a year. Riders can access 36 trolley stations located in the Midtown/Downtown service area to board the trolley.  


    ADA Accessible

    trolley wheelchair lift

    1. Enter lift from the side that is away from the trolley.


    2. Wait on the lift as the trolley arrives to the station.

    3. The trolley operator will activate the lift once the trolley arrives at the station.