MATA’s vintage trolley rail system, which has become a part of downtown Memphis culture and a tourist attraction all on its own, is currently suspended to undergo extended maintenance on all trolley cars. As of June 10th, 2014, the trolley division of MATA has started restoring five trolley cars, which are slated for operation on the Main Street line in three to six month's time.

    Trolley 1 Trolley 2 Trolley 4
    Trolley #1978 Trolley #234 Trolley #540
    Trolley 5
    Trolley 417
    Adviser talks with trolley staff
    Trolley #455 Trolley #417 Trolley senior staff talks with an adviser

    Restoration work on the trolleys will focus on the five trolley cars we believe are in the best condition. The work will involve re-inspection, re-certification, and repair which requires many imported trolley parts for completion. After the first five trolley cars have been restored and re-certified for operation later this fall on the Main Street trolley line, the rest of the fleet will go through the same process and serve the other two trolley lines (Riverfront line and Madison line).

    A few of your favorite trolleys may even have a new color! Some of the trolleys in our fleet are over 50 years old and have been in service for over 20 years - these particular vintage trolley cars will require more time to service as we locate and import the proper trolley parts to complete their restoration. 

    Trolley maintenance workers
      Trolley maintenance removing motor
     This is a truck assembly - it holds all the motors in a trolley    Maintenance workers removing a motor
     Trolley motors   trolley 417 in repair
    There are four (4) motors per trolley   The motors from #417 will be shipped  for inspection