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EFFECTIVE june 16, 2021: The Shelby County Health Department has just issued a CODE ORANGE ALERT for TOMORROW, June 16. The cost to ride tomorrow is 25 cents on all modes.

UPDATE - effective jUNE 14, 2021 BEGINNING AT NOON: The MATA phone network has been restarted to mitigate some phone issues detected earlier today, but additional issues have been detected regarding incoming calls to MATAplus Dispatch. MATA is working with its phone provider to resolve this issue. MATA apologizes for any inconvenience. 


EFFECTIVE MAY 29, 2021: ​Due to the Great American River Run, there will be a detour from 6 to 11 a.m. Hudson Transit Center, and all Downtown and Uptown bus stops west of Danny Thomas will not be in service. All Downtown buses during this time will leave from Adams and Neely. Customers near Hudson Transit Center can board a shuttle at Second and Mill to take them to Adams and Neely. Click here for the detours for each route.

EFFECTIVE MAy 9, 2021:

Due to safety concerns, a few timepoints on Routes 1, 39, and 42 will be adjusted but no timing and routing changes will be made. Johnson Ave at Johnson Cir on Route 1 will change to Johnson Ave at Gracewood St. Holmes Rd at Tulip St and Holmes Rd at Atkins Dr on Route 39 will change to Holmes Rd at Third St and Jonetta St at Holmes Rd, respectively. Airways Blvd at Holmes Rd on Route 42 will change to Holmes Rd at Hudgins Rd. The new timetables for Route 1, Route 39, and Route 42 can be viewed here.


Riverside Drive is no longer closed. The Riverfront Trolley Shuttle Line will now operate its regular route seven days a week now. Click here for updated trolley map.

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