Using MATA Tracker

Introducing MATA Tracker! Real-time vehicle location technology to help you plan your bus and trolley travel.

With desktop and mobile-friendly features like:

  • Real-time vehicle location information,

  • Route detour guidance and, coming soon, capacity levels to help you stay socially distant,

MATA Tracker is a convenient passenger tool to help you plan your travel around the Memphis area.

Getting Started

Select MATA Tracker from the homepage menu of the MATA website or click here. Use the route or stop selection tools to find out information regarding your vehicle or a particular stop schedule. 


Route Selection
  • Choose your route from the dropdown menu or type it in the search bar.
  • Hover over the bus or trolley icon for specific vehicle information. Select the circle or stop icon to see the predicted arrival time and the scheduled arrival time for the chosen stop.
Stop Selection
  • Select your route and search for your stop, or choose one from the list provided.
  • Hover over the circle or stop icon for detailed information. Select the bus or trolley icon for specific vehicle information. 

Trip Planner
To plan your travel with recommended routes, simply insert the information in our trip planner tool. We’ll plot the best route to take using Google Maps.Trip_planner