The MATAplus paratransit service is committed to providing safe, secure, and reliable service. To ensure this level of service, the cooperation and support of customers are critical. 

Individuals with disabilities who do not reside in the jurisdiction served by MATA ("visitors") are entitled to receive 21 days of paratransit services within a 365-day period before obtaining an eligibility certification from MATAplus.  If you have certification in another jurisdiction, MATA will honor that eligibility while visiting us. MATA processes visitor’s service requests within the same day or not more than one day later before the desired day of travel to Memphis. In accordance, MATA provides services to visitors whose disability is apparent.

The 21 days may be continuous or parceled out over several shorter visits. Visitors are considered eligible for MATA paratransit services if they do one of the following.

  1. Present documentation of Americans with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.) paratransit eligibility from their home jurisdiction's paratransit system; or
  2. Present proof of visitor status (i.e., proof of residence somewhere else).

Suppose the person's disability is not apparent (e.g., cognitive disability or cardiac condition). In that case, MATA is permitted to request documentation of the disability, MATA will accept proof of eligibility directly from the visitor.

Once this basic documentation is provided, MATA will make service available based on the person's statement that he or she is unable to use the fixed-route bus system.

To inquire or get the process started, contact us by using any of the methods below for contacting the MATAplus Eligibility Center:

  • Faxing:                              901-623-2983
  • Email:                                [email protected]
  • Phone/text:                       901-722-7193