In accordance with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) guidelines for ADA complementary paratransit service, MATA has developed a no-show policy to encourage responsible trip scheduling and use by its customers. The policy is necessary to reduce the negative impact no-shows have on the service provided to other customers.

Note: MATA will inform riders of all recorded no-shows and policy changes. Riders will receive communication of policy violations or policy changes via letters, phone calls, texts, or emails. Riders notified about violating the no-show policy can show that the no-shows are not within their control.

No-Show Definition:

To be considered a no show, each of the following conditions has occurred: 

  • The customer has a scheduled ADA paratransit trip.
  • The ADA vehicle arrives at the scheduled pickup point no later than ten (10) minutes after the scheduled pickup time.
  • The driver waits at least five (5) full minutes beyond the scheduled pickup time, and the customer fails to board the vehicle. 

Late cancellations count as a no-show for this policy. 

Late Cancellation Definition:

A late cancellation occurs when the customer (or customer's representative) fails to call dispatch one (1) hour or more before the scheduled pickup time to cancel his/her ride or if the customer or their representative cancels the trip at the door.  If the customer has more than one ride scheduled, having a no-show does not automatically cancel the rest of the rides for the day. It is still the customer's responsibility to call and cancel the remaining rides for the day. If the rides are not canceled and the customer does not ride, the result would be additional no-shows. 

Tracking Process:

MATA will track scheduled trips, no-shows, and late cancellations by customers. MATA will identify customers who have no-show/late cancellations within thirty (30) days, which meet the following criteria. Customers who meet these criteria will be in violation of the no-show/late cancellation policy:

  • No show/late cancellations represent ten percent (10) or more of their scheduled trips; and/or
  • The customer has three (3) or more no-shows/late cancellations. 


Penalty for violating policy:

On the day the rider violates the no-show/late cancellation policy, the following progressive action will be taken: 

  • First occurrence — A warning letter will be issued advising the rider that he/she has violated MATA's no-show/late cancellation policy.
  • The second occurrence — Customer will receive a one (1) day* suspension.
  • The third occurrence — Customer will receive a three (3) day* suspension.
  • The fourth occurrence — Customer will receive a five (5) day* suspension.
  • Additional occurrences — Customer will receive a seven (7) day* suspension. 


*For this policy, the suspension period means days that MATA is in operation. 


If a rider shows a pattern or practice of "no shows," he or she will be recommended for suspension.  No-shows are reviewed each quarter.  MATA tracks no-shows for these periods: January–MarchApril–June, July–September, and October–December.  After each quarter, the record is cleared.   


Appealing Suspension Decisions:

Passengers who contact MATA to appeal no-shows will be provided with a form to complete and submit. The appeal form must be completed and submitted to MATA for consideration within ten (10) days of the no-show/late cancellation violation. MATA will investigate the customer's appeal using computer and internal records to determine if the challenge is valid. Also, consideration will be given to customers with no-shows resulting from a circumstance beyond their control. 

No-shows are EXCUSED when the trip is missed for the following reasons: 

  • The customer is sick.
  • The customer has a family emergency.
  • Death or illness of family member, or other family emergencies.
  • Mobility aid failure.
  • Appointment canceled/delayed for reasons, not the customer's fault.
  • Adverse weather: Snowstorm, extreme heat, or extreme cold.
  • Acts of Nature: Flood, earthquakes, etc.
  • Staffing error: The transit coordinator did not make all the cancellations the client requested, or the customer just found out the ride was scheduled for the wrong day, time, or location; or the customer was not informed that his/her pick up time was changed and was not ready. 


No-shows or cancels are NOT EXCUSED when the trip is missed for the following reasons: 

  • The customer did not want to travel today.
  • Customer changed their mind about using an appointment.
  • The customer did not know or forgot that he/she had a ride scheduled or was supposed to call to cancel.
  • The customer got another ride.
  • The customer told someone else he/she was not planning to travel (driver, facility, etc.) or someone else scheduled the ride for him/her.
  • The customer does not want to ride with a specific driver or passenger or on a specific vehicle. 


Appealing a Warning or Suspension 

Customers can appeal a suspension of service before MATA. Unless a violation is for safety reasons, suspension of service will not begin until the appeal process is complete. Customers will be notified in writing of the final decision.