MATA fixed-route buses are equipped with bike racks that allow you to have greater travel flexibility. The bike racks are self-service, easy to use and available year round. The racks are located on the front of each bus and can accommodate conventional two-wheeled bikes.

How To Use A Bus Bike Rack

1. As the bus approaches, alert the driver before stepping in front of the bus and be careful not to stand in the traffic lane next to the bus.

2. Squeeze the rack handle with one hand to release the folded bike rack and guide it down until you feel it lock into position. Use your other hand to steady your bike. Please use the back inner slot closest to the bus if available. 

3. Following the front-wheel placement guide on the bike rack, pull the wheel lock arm out and place the bike onto the tray in the slots. Once the bike is on the rack, lift the wheel lock arm securely over the top of the front wheel until you feel it lock into place.

4. Make sure to remove all bike accessories. This includes water bottles, bags, helmets, or other items that could fall off while the bus is in motion. Bikes cannot be padlocked while on the rack.

5. Try to sit near the front of the bus to keep an eye on your bike. As you approach your stop, tell the bus operator that you will be unloading your bike from the rack and make sure to exit from the front bus door. 

6. To unload a bike, lower the wheel lock arm from over the top of the front wheel and simply guide the bike down onto the curb side of the bus. If the rack is empty after you unload, please place the rack handle back to its original folded position.

7. Once you are clear of the bus, signal to the bus operator that you have finished unloading.

Bike Rack Policy

It is the responsibility of the bike owner to load, unload and supervise their bikes. MATA bus operators are not allowed to assist with the racks. If space on the bus bike rack is not available, bicycles are allowed to be brought on board a bus or trolley rail car, as long as space is available and the bicycle does not block the aisle or doors. All conventional two-wheeled bikes are acceptable for bus bike racks. Unacceptable bikes include recumbent bikes and gas-fueled bicycles.

MATA is not liable for bicycles that are damaged, lost, stolen, or forgotten on bus bike racks. If you leave your bike on the rack after exiting the bus, please contact the MATA Lost and Found office at 901.523.8134.