Inclement Weather Operations

Safety is our top priority during weather events that may create hazardous travel conditions. When severe weather events impact our area, customers will be informed through the MATA website, Omnilert automated messages, social media, as well as broadcast and print media. 
During a severe weather event, we may be required to operate under the following designated service levels: 
  1. Light: Less than two inches of snow or wintry precipitation that does not create hard packed snow, low visibility or icy road conditions. MATA will operate normally unless modified routes or delays in service are necessary.   
  2. Moderate: Greater than two inches of snow or wintry precipitation that creates hard packed snow, limited visibility and icy conditions. MATA service may be suspended on some routes and detoured around roads prone to hazardous conditions.  Increased wait times are possible. 
  3. Severe: Greater than four inches of snow or wintry precipitation. MATA will restrict service to main snow routes: 7; 32; 36; 39; 42; 50; 52; 53; 69. Expect extended wait times and service delays. Passengers should also prepare for suspension of all service if travel conditions worsen.  

MATAplus Paratransit services may be suspended based on weather conditions and monitoring of medical office closures. Non-medical appointments will be reduced or eliminated as conditions worsen.  

Trolley service will be suspended if snow or ice builds up on the overhead lines which may cause arching and power interruptions. Freezing conditions may also impact mechanical performance and result in service modifications.  

Ready! by MATA services will continue in each area until conditions prevent access to an origin or a destination. At that time, service in the entire area will be discontinued within one hour of the decision. Trips in progress will be honored. 

Groove On-Demand may suspend service or experience longer wait times if severe weather conditions persist. This will be communicated via the Groove On Demand app. 

How to Find MATA Service Information: 
  • Omnilert is the best way to receive real-time information about service disruptions. Sign up at  
  • Speak with an agent at 901.274.MATA. 
  • Follow @RideMATA on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.