Shuttle Bus

1. PLAN YOUR TRIP - Before heading out to your destination, use trip planning tools such as Google Transit, Trip Planner and MATA Traveler, or grab a schedule to learn the routes and stop times to your destination. MATA's call center also offers route and schedule information at (901) 274-MATA (6282).

2. GET THERE EARLY - Make sure to arrive at least ten minutes early to your bus stop and stay visible by the curb as your bus approaches. If you have a mobile device handy, you can access (best viewed through Google Chrome) which will tell you exactly where the bus is at the moment. 

3. HAVE YOUR FARE READY - Fareboxes on buses and trolleys will accept dollar bills and change. In addition, MATA has a new GO901 mobile app. Passengers can download the GO901 mobile app to their smartphone and purchase standard fare tickets, all day passes, check their account balance, and more. For more information, visit In addition, daily FastPasses are available to purchase at the Transit Centers and onboard buses and trolleys. (See also:  FastPasses).

4. BOARDING THE BUS - The curb side of the bus is the safest place to be. Allow a few feet between yourself and the bus before attempting to board. If you plan to use the bus bike rack, alert the bus operator before you board and before you depart. Once onboard, be sure to keep your body and personal belongings out of the aisles and grab hold of handrails on full buses without vacant seats.

Bus operators can activate an electronic or manual ramp for passengers in wheelchairs. The operators are required to ask passengers in wheelchairs if they need help with wheelchair securement. There is also a kneeling feature available to help persons with disabilities aboard. (See also:  Accessibility).

5. MAKE SOME ROOM - MATA's policy requires passengers to place and hold any bags, purses, luggage, strollers and other personal belongings in their lap or on the floor. 

6. PRIORITY AND COURTESY SEATING - Seating at the front of the bus has been designated for persons with disabilities and is the only area with wheelchair securements. MATA requests that passengers vacate the seats in this area to accommodate a passenger with a disability. As a courtesy, passengers are asked to offer a seat to seniors and adults traveling with small children.

7. EXITING THE BUS - To request a stop, you will pull the cord above your seat or by a window. After exiting, step on the curb side of the bus. Do not cross in front of the bus unless it is stopped at a red light.