Available for Southern Heritage Classic patrons, the MATA Rapid Shuttle departs every 20 minutes from downtown locations, the University of Memphis, and Liberty Park (The Mid-South Fairgrounds).  


Rapid Shuttle Departing Downtown

Pickup locations will be the Sheraton Memphis Downtown, the Peabody Hotel, and the Liberty Bowl.
Drop-off locations will be AutoZone Park, The Sheraton Memphis Downtown, and the Liberty Park (The Mid-South Fairgrounds).
Saturday, September 9th: 10AM - 12AM (midnight)

Rapid Shuttle Departing University of Memphis

Pickup and drop-off locations will be from Liberty Park and the University of Memphis (located at Central Ave. and Zach H. Curlin St.)
Saturday, September 9th: 10AM - 12AM (midnight)

Downtown Trolley 

Looking for additional transportation during the festivities? MATA has you covered.

The Riverfront and Main Street Trolley Lines both provide convenient access to the pick-up locations at the Sheraton Memphis Downtown and Peabody Hotels.  Use MATA Tracker to plan your trolley travel. 

Bus Services to Liberty Park

In addition to the MATA Rapid Shuttle, several bus routes serve Liberty Park. Routes 2, 32, and 34 all serve Liberty Park. Use MATA Tracker to plan your bus travel.