Mayor McClendon and the City of West Memphis are excited to partner with the City of Memphis and MATA to help bring public transportation to those in need. “This program is an amazing example of what we can accomplish when we work together," said Mayor McClendon.  

The West Memphis Area Transit reimagines public transit with Ready! by MATA. Connecting our residents with an affordable, life-changing transit service that will help our residents get access to employment, community resources, and medical care they need most.  

‘By providing public transportation service for West Memphis, Arkansas, the Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) would help improve mobility for that community without sacrificing growth and innovation opportunities for Memphis area residents. If approved, funding from the City of West Memphis would cover all operational and staffing costs related to their services’’ said Bacarra Mauldin, MATA Chief of Staff.  

A new curb-to-curb transit service similar to private ride-hailing services like Uber® or Lyft®. West Memphis Ready! riders can reserve a pick-up or drop-off within the area by phone or mobile app, with the ability to track their rides. This new convenient service will allow riders flexibility in their local travel for errands, trips to the grocery store, medical appointments, and Downtown Memphis to the Hudson Transit Center.  

West Memphis Ready! by MATA transit vans can transport up to eight passengers and are accessible to people living with disabilities. This convenient curb-to-curb service will be available very soon, at the same cost as MATA's fixed-rate fare of only $2 per ride.