Memphis’ current transit system is shown in the Existing Network map; not many frequent routes and longer waiting times. The Transit Vision Recommended Network shows what is possible with new investment and a redesign of the transit system. If funded, this system will make significant improvements for people to use transit to get to work, school, and everyday life destinations.

Image of existing transit map in the City of Memphis
Existing Network

Thanks to many Memphians, the Draft Recommended Network was designed according to your input. We listened to your concerns and what mattered most to you. Because of your input, the design team developed a proposed transit system that will produce valuable outcomes such as:

  • An increase in frequency – More buses arriving more often
  • 39% more jobs reachable in an hour by transit for the average Memphian
  • 45% more jobs reachable in an hour for minority residents and 49% for low-income residents
  • 79,000 more people and 103,000 more jobs near frequent service (every 15 minutes)
  • More weekend and evening service
Image of draft recommended transit map in the City of Memphis opens in a new tab
Draft Recommended Network